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Why the Flop?
Hey, health coaches, have you ever wondered why your totally irresistible and down-right FABULOUS free offer rarely¬†converts into a paying client? Is it your health coach pricing or your blueprint? You probably didn’t know you could do what I’m about to teach you, but first, let’s make sure it’s not your pricing. ūüėČ

Health Coach Pricing Strategies

Your health coach pricing can strategically generate long-term clients. Later in this health coach marketing article, I cover how to convert a one-time spend into a 6 month client; but we gotta check your numbers before we get into the good stuff. After my extensive online research (I really do dread numbers), I put together some common health coach pricing models. Use my stuffy but reliable numbers as a guideline to develop your blueprint for success. Most health coach pricing models are broken down into 3 plans:

  1. One time buy- $15-$300
  2. 3 Month (12 sessions) Рpriced between $600-$1800
  3. One on One Coaching (24 sessions)- priced between $1200-$3000

Taking into consideration the industry standards for health coach pricing, you’re still going to rely on your best judgment to determine where your prices should be. Pricing your plans too cheap¬†may indicate a lower quality, while pricing your plans too high may make your customer spit out their coffee.


Health Coach Pricing Averages

One Time Programs

Let’s start with the one time programs. This could be anything from your EBook to your¬†28 day Blueprint. Most of the EBooks are around $15 to $20 per download, while a 10 day cleanse usually falls under $75, and the 28 day programs max out just under $300. Whatever you create here, know that this one-time buy¬†is the key to your success, so really push the envelope.¬†We’ll get to the “WHY?” in a moment.

3-6 Month Programs

It’s a fact that most health coaches consistently offer 2 lengths¬†of subscriptions, a 3 month plan and a 6 month plan. Sessions are typically 50 minutes and can be conducted by Skype¬†or¬†phone. In addition, email support¬†is offered¬†in between each session.

How much do health coaches make?

First, I did the math and calculated the average health coaching session runs anywhere from $90 to $200. If you had 10 clients you would make between $3600 and $8000 per month as a health coach according to the industry averages. In my analysis, the numbers were both attractive and achievable. Moreover, my health coach income example required 40 sessions, so you are only talking about a 10 hour work week.

So Why Focus on a One-Time Spend when the bulk of a health coach’s income comes from¬†subscriptions?

KEY to BEING A SUCCESSFUL HEALTH COACH – Automate Your Health Coach Pricing Using ONE Transaction.

Most agree the internet is a tricky environment. You have to establish trust, but more importantly, you have to stand out in the crowd. During my research, I noticed a majority of coaches put their energy into developing a free offer to gain subscribers and then skipped to their long-term health coach pricing plans.

Unfortunately, this meant 95% of coaches¬†missed the opportunity to convert their customer’s first spend into a subscription package.¬†This also led to health coach pricing plans that felt like scary math. It’s pretty overwhelming stuff for even the most enthusiastic buyer.

So let’s put a little hootspa in your health coach pricing strategy. Imagine creating a 10¬†day detox program for $75. You’d agree the amount is small enough to pull out your credit card, right? Next, ask yourself how you can turn that customer into a long-term client? Can it be accomplished without dozens of emails begging them to pull out their credit card again?

No one likes to be pestered for money, and that’s what a lot of health coaches are forced to do!

They came to you for help, so why have the tables turned? It seemed like they were willing to spend money a week ago when they were searching for solutions, but now they’re giving you the cold shoulder.

WTF???? Why the FLOP??? 

Did you know you could transition a customer into a long-term client without asking them for their credit card again? Stick with me, because it’s easier than what you think.

Creating Automated Health Coach Pricing Steps

With plugins like MemberPress, health coaches are converting one time buys into monthly subscriptions… but how does this work? It’s easy when you know how.

Let’s say you offer raw food recipes¬†and gut cleansing smoothies as a bonus for¬†your 3 and 6 month coaching programs. With the help of MemberPress and an experienced website developer, you can offer a free trial period attached to your one-time buy that allows them to access this specific portion of your more expensive plan on a DRIP FEED system.

Because¬†they are already in spending mode, this strategy WORKS. So why are¬†you¬†resorting to email begging? The customer had money¬†burning¬†a hole in their pocket when they first found you.¬†Yep, their credit card was¬†out, but you just didn’t ask when they were in the mood… did ya?¬†Any experienced coach will tell you that people tend to lose the mood to invest in themselves, so strike the iron when it is hot.

Your goal is to help them when they are EAGER to invest in themselves.

I should mention, I am not a health coach, but I do know what does and does not work in ANY MARKETING. I am recognized as one of the top website designers for health coaches. My pricing model allows my clients to take comfortable steps throughout their health coach marketing. On top of that, I reward my clients as they keep spending. Speaking from years of experience, experts not utilizing pricing blueprints are missing out on EASY CONVERSIONS.

Summarizing the Health Coaching Blueprint

Within that first buy (something FABULOUS!), REVEAL¬†a FREE trial offer BEFORE they put their credit card away. Next, give them a limited time to accept an irresistible and life-changing¬†trial. If your health coach pricing begins with a compelling, easy spend, most clients will naturally progress¬†to your next step. After¬†they start your¬†free trial subscription membership with limited access, they’ll crave more.¬†There’s nothing more motivating than results, and now you have proven yourself to them.

Most will¬†extend the subscription to your full 3 month coaching plan because they aren’t revisiting what something is going to cost. If your client is really on fire utilizing your plan, they’ll advance to your 6 month package. SCORE!!!! and that, my coaching friends, is how you sell your health coach pricing¬†on auto-pilot!

Share this health coaching blueprint with your friends¬†and leave¬†your comments below. ¬†Mary ūüôā

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